Who is American Estate & Trust (AET)?

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Effective in March 2022 Rocket Dollar has launched a new Direct Custody account that can be purchased at the Silver or Gold level price. Customers who sign-up for this direct custody account will have American Estate & Trust (AET) as the custodian.

What is the difference between Custodians?

Please remember that the direct custody account is structured differently than our common IRA LLC model. Customers with a custodial account will have to go through a deal review process which AET will carry out and will either approve or deny an investment. You can hold a variety of different investments as long as they are approved by AET. To learn more about Direct Custody please refer to our previous article. 

Is this new custodian safe and secure?

AET is a licensed Trust company regulated under the banking laws of Nevada and is subject to annual financial and state audits. Additionally, AET maintains bonding, cash reserves, insurance, and is regularly audited to ensure customer assets are always protected.

Can I choose my own custodian?

No. Rocket Dollar has extensively chosen our custodian partners to ensure customers get the best support they need for the type of account that is purchased. 

For any questions please reach out to our team to learn more about our custodial partners at 855-762-5383. 

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