What types of retirement accounts can I open with Rocket Dollar?

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We offer Self-Directed IRA and Self-Directed Solo 401(k) accounts, depending on the needs of each of our customers. Our Direct Custody IRAs need custodian approval of investments, whereas Checkbook IRA accounts do not. A customer can select a Silver or Gold membership depending on their individual needs and goals, however Checkbook IRAs can only be purchased at the Gold membership level.

 Rocket Dollar offers several account types, including...

  • Rocket Dollar Self-Directed Traditional IRA (Silver or Gold Pricing)
  • Rocket Dollar Self-Directed Roth IRA (Silver or Gold Pricing)
  • Rocket Dollar Self-Directed Beneficiary/Inherited IRA (Silver or Gold)
  • Rocket Dollar Self-Directed Solo 401(k) (Silver or Gold Pricing)
  • Rocket Dollar Self-Directed SEP-IRA (Silver or Gold)

Rocket Dollar IRAs have two different structures, which change how you enter investments. 

  • Direct Custody IRAs require a deal review, so the custodian can sign off on investments before money goes out. This will cover a wide variety of alternative investments, but not all. 
  • IRA Trusts have the ability to “Bring Your Own Deal” as they can invest in almost any investment allowed by the IRS in retirement accounts. These are sometimes referred to as Bank Control IRAs, Checkbook IRAs. Rocket Dollar creates an IRA, a Trust, and a Bank account for the customer, which provides both more flexibility and responsibility to the customer as the custodian does not complete a deal review.  

You can choose from two Subscription Levels

  • Rocket Dollar Silver: $360 to sign up and then $20 a month.
  • Rocket Dollar Gold: $600 to sign up and then $30 a month.

You can read a comparison of Silver and Gold here.

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