What are the fees if my custodian is IRAR?

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Customers whose custodian is IRAR will fall under Rocket Dollar’s Gold plan and will pay the appropriate fees that fall under this plan along with any other fees that come from IRAR. There is no exception for customers whose custodian is IRAR to choose Rocket Dollar’s Silver plan.

Rocket Dollar Gold fees & features

Fees: $600 signup, and then $30 month.


  • Dedicated phone support
  • Expedited onboarding
  • Expedited service on all transfers/investments
  • Rocket Dollar checkbook (one box free, $50 replacement via a button on the dashboard)
  • Four outbound wire fees are covered per year (minimum $2500 transfer, under $2500 can be done via ACH, check, or debit card)
  • 1099 R & 5500 Form completion
  • Roth Conversion assistance

Additional IRAR fees you may incur:

Check $7.00
Cashier's $30.00
Overnight Delivery $30.00
Wire Transfer $30.00
ACH Transfer No Fee
Notary Fee $15

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