What are the bank fees?

To fully set up a Rocket Dollar account, our team will open a bank account with one of our partner banks: Solera National Bank or American Estate & Trust. Here is a list of common fees you could encounter while using our partner banks.

Basic Bank Fees

Solera National Bank:

Domestic Outgoing Wire Transfer - $30 (updated 12/12/2022)

Domestic Incoming Wire Transfer - $15 (updated 12/12/2022)

Four outgoing wires a year are covered by a Gold subscription.

Bounced or Returned Check (returned deposited item) - $5

Overdraft/Overdraft protections - Not offered as Self-Directed Retirement Accounts cannot be provided extensions of credit

American Estate & Trust:

Domestic Outgoing Wire Transfer - $40

Domestic Incoming Wire Transfer - $40

ACH Transfer

ACH transfers are free up to $99,999.99 through the bank messages portal. The Daily cut-off is 4 pm Central Time.

If the amount is larger, it would be a domestic outgoing wire transfer of $25 or you can also write a check if you have a checkbook.

Simply set the ACH transfer as a "business" transaction. If you hit a $5,000 limit, you may be using the "personal" ACH transaction setting and simply need to change it when executing with our bank partner.

Activity Requirements

Minimum Balance Requirements - None, but must maintain an active Rocket Dollar Account

Minimum Activity Requirements - None, but must maintain an active Rocket Dollar Account.

Checks and Debit Cards

Customized Checkbook Order - $8 for 100 check orders. (automatically included with Rocket Dollar Gold)

Cashier Check Sent by Bank - $5

ATM/Debit Card replacement - $10 (automatically included with Rocket Dollar Gold)

Checkbooks and Debit Cards come automatically with the Gold Account. Can I still get them with a Silver Account?

Yes, but you are responsible for procuring it from our partner bank. With a Silver account, you will have to procure a checkbook or debit card on your own. Rocket Dollar support does not provide these items. Any fees needed to purchase a checkbook will be taken from the IRA.

International Investments and Activity

International Outgoing Wire Transfer - $50

International Incoming Wire Transfer - $10

Can I choose my own bank?

No. Rocket Dollar has chosen its partners based on extensive review processes.

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    Hi, With the Core account, will I be able to name my own LLC?  or if not, how will you name it?  


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