What are the bank fees?

To fully set up a Rocket Dollar account, our team will open a bank account with our banking partner, Bank United. Here is a list of common fees you could encounter while using our partner bank.

Basic Bank Fees

Bank United:

Domestic & International Outgoing Wire Transfer $35 for Direct Custody, $10 for IRA LLCs, IRA Trusts, & Solo 401(k)s (updated October 2023)
Domestic Incoming Wire Transfer $0 (updated October 2023)
Yearly Free Outgoing Wire Transfers Four outgoing wires a year are covered by a Gold subscription.
Bounced or Returned Check (returned deposited item) $5
Overdraft/Overdraft protections Not offered as Self-Directed Retirement Accounts cannot be provided extensions of credit.
Daily Wire Limit There is a $250,000 daily wire limit. For special wires at higher levels, please contact Rocket Dollar Support.

ACH Transfer

ACH transfers are free with a $75k limit. These limits can be increased either temporarily or permanently on a case-by-case basis through the bank messages portal. The daily cut-off is 4 pm Central Time.

If the amount is larger, it would be a domestic outgoing wire transfer of $25, or you can also write a check if you have a checkbook.

Simply set the ACH transfer as a "business" transaction. If you hit a $5,000 limit, you may be using the "personal" ACH transaction setting and simply need to change it when executing with our bank partner.

Activity Requirements

Minimum Balance Requirements None, but must maintain an active Rocket Dollar Account
Minimum Activity Requirements None, but must maintain an active Rocket Dollar Account

Checks and Debit Cards

Customized Checkbook Order Automatically included with Rocket Dollar Gold
Cashier Check Sent by Bank $5
ATM/Debit Card Replacement

Automatically included with Rocket Dollar Gold

Checkbooks and Debit Cards come automatically with the Gold Account. Can I still get them with a Silver Account?

Yes, but you are responsible for procuring it from our partner bank. With a Silver account, you will have to procure a checkbook or debit card on your own. Rocket Dollar support does not provide these items. Any fees needed to purchase a checkbook will be taken from the IRA.

Can I Choose My Own Bank?

No. Rocket Dollar has chosen its partners based on extensive review processes. Most banks, while being able to open regular LLC or trust bank accounts, do not understand the complexities of an IRA LLC or Solo 401(k).

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  • Comment author
    David Reitz

    Hi, With the Core account, will I be able to name my own LLC?  or if not, how will you name it?  

  • Comment author
    Brendan Walsh

    With a core account, you always get a standard name. John Smith would get JSMITH RD LLC.

    You are always listed as a manager of your LLC, no matter the name. 


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