What state does my Rocket Dollar LLC default to?

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Rocket Dollar IRA uses a Colorado LLC.


Rocket Dollar defaults to a Colorado LLC.

This will be the main LLC that will invest into your asset or other possible businesses and LLCs. Keep in mind that some states (i.e. California) have rules that you might need to register this LLC as a foreign LLC.

If you open another LLC, your Rocket Dollar Colorado LLC will be able to invest in that one, provided that all prohibited transaction rules are adhered to.


The Colorado LLC is an affordable option, Colorado is a business-friendly state with similar LLC protections as Delaware, and Colorado's State Department service team is easy for our team to work with on the backend to better bring value to our customers.


What about my Self-Directed Solo 401(k)?

If you choose a Solo 401(k), it utilizes a retirement trust, which means there is no LLC and it does not need to be tied to any particular state.  

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