Does Rocket Dollar use two-factor authentication?

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Rocket Dollar is rolling out two-factor authentication as extra password security. It will utilize your mobile phone for an extra security measure like many other websites.



Why do I have to do this?

Two-factor authentication is a widely-recognized security measure. Because a code must be entered from another trusted device (like a cell phone) this makes it much harder for an individual that got your password to be able to log into your Rocket Dollar account.


How does this work?

When you log in, have your phone nearby. It will send you a message to input and verify that it is you.

If a suspicious individual got a hold or guessed your password, a text with a code would be sent to your phone. If you did not log into, and you receive a text, either you have given the password to someone else, or someone has successfully guessed your password. If you did not authorize this login, we suggest you change your password immediately as well as consider any accounts that might share this password. 

Can I use an international number?

No, we apologize but our two-factor system does not support international numbers. We are looking at solutions to make things easier and secure for international customers. 


1 - Update Password prompt after deploy

After Enrollment - 2 Enter SMS Code

Change MFA 2



Change MFA 4

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