Did you receive a strange letter about a Certificate of Good Standing Request Form?

Some companies may be phishing for extra information or money by sending marketing materials to new LLC owners... many of these providers will also try to portray that they are from the state government.

Please be careful about the mail you receive and/or reply to, and, do not pay fees to unfamiliar organizations without verifying if there is an actual need for their services. Some companies will send out mass physical and email marketing messages to prey on people who have recently interacted with a government entity by grabbing public information and using it to send offer letters for their products and/or services.

See below for an example of a common phishing marketing offer that tries to get individuals who recently opened a Colorado LLC to pay $74.50 in unnecessary fees for their compliance service. The appearance of the letter tries to closely mimic the look of an official communication from the Colorado state government to convince new business owners that they are associated with the state of Colorado and therefore require their services. Make note of the notice that  "this is not a government agency" right by the tear-off dotted line of the attached sample letter below.

If you receive this letter, please note that you do not pay for their services and ignore this solicitation.


Good Standing Fraud Letter

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  • Comment author
    Amber Barber

    Hey, I got one of these. I caught it when they wanted a $70 "Certificate of Good Standing Fee." Sounded a little like the mob.

    How do I report these guys?

    Their listed business address is
    CO Corporate Certificates
    4164 Austin Bluffs Pkwy
    Box 342
    Colorado Springs, CO 80918

    Don't send them a money order, sillies. Mark my words.

  • Comment author
    Amy Deane

    I fell for it, hook, line and sinker. Someone will be getting a phone call today...


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