I'm signing up a family member for a Rocket Dollar account. What do I need to keep in mind?

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Always input the direct contact information AND phone number of the person who will be logging in and listed on the account as the owner.


How should I sign up my family member?

The Rocket Dollar Support team always needs to initiate the first contact with the legal owner of the account.

  1. Use the legal account owners' names, email, and phone numbers so they can be properly contacted and receive digital signatures.
  2. Instruct the legal account owner to message support and approve you as an authorized contact. Once we have written electronic approval, support can CC you on all further communications. Account fulfillment will not progress until the legal account owner has confirmed.

Why do you have this policy?

  • For security reasons, we always need to make sure the account owner is aware of the account opening,  and all movement of funds. 
  • Rocket Dollar takes elder fraud very seriously. We do not have to work with a customer or power of attorney authorization if we do not feel comfortable taking on a client. You can read more about elder fraud and our policy here. We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone who does not comply with these rules
  • We use an electronic signature process, and also two-factor authentication by phone to enter the online account login. Having two different people control these experiences often creates frustrations for the customer and our team, as we need the legal account owner to approve all legal documents for their account.

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