What online startup platforms can I invest in using a Rocket Dollar account?

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As long as you can invest with an LLC, you can invest almost anywhere. You need to be able to title an investment to your IRA and your LLC.


What Startup and Early Stage Investment platforms can I work with using a Rocket Dollar Account?

You can review platforms on the Rocket Dollar Partnerships page in the "Early Stage Investing" section. If you use these platforms, you MUST register your IRA LLC or Solo 401(k) in their experience to appropriately title all investments. This will typically be referred to as "adding entity details, entity signup, or make an investment from an entity." If you make an investment with personal dollars, you cannot change it over to your retirement account later, as this is a prohibited transaction called self-dealing. 


Can I work with other platforms that are not on the partner's page?

Yes, you can, but they must be able to accept an IRA LLC or Solo 401(k) which is typically notated as a trust through their entity channel. This is because most Rocket Dollar customers have a checkbook control account, which allows them to target any investment or platform as long as it is an IRS-allowed investment. 


Is there any platform I cannot work with?

Rocket Dollar Accounts are not supported by AngelList. AngelList also does not provide support for IRA LLCs or Solo 401(k) trusts through their entity channel. 


Can I work with startups that are NOT on an online platform to invest?

Yes! this is one of the great benefits of checkbook control. You can send a check directly to a startup as an angel investor. Your IRA LLC or Solo 401(k) will hold the shares or complete a private note agreement. Be sure to weigh the risks of every investment and whom you are working with before committing to an investment. 

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