How do I sign up for a cryptocurrency exchange account at Gemini once my Rocket Dollar account is created?

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For an IRA LLC, once your LLC is created, you can use the LLC name and EIN to sign up for an account at Gemini, in the name of the LLC. For a Solo 401(k), open an account in the name of the plan.


How long will this process take?

As of February 22, 2022, Cryptocurrency applications are at all-time highs and causing significant delays. Instead of 2 weeks, applications could need 10 weeks to open an account at Gemini.


When you finish your account application, please tell us here, so we can contact Gemini and they are aware they need to prioritize your application.


How do I start to sign up for my Rocket Dollar account at Gemini?

You will start all sign up on

First steps

  1. Create a Rocket Dollar account, either an IRA LLC or Solo 401(k) 
  2. Gather your Rocket Dollar IRA LLC or Solo 401(k) documents from your client dashboard

  3. Click here to begin the Gemini Institutional Client Registration:

  4. You will first register for institutional access, and then complete a full application once your initial submission has been reviewed by Gemini, which may take a few days

  5. Under ‘Company Type’, please indicate a ‘Personal/Private Investment Vehicle’

  6. Gemini wants your location to be centered on the state you reside. All Rocket Dollar customers receive a Colorado LLC, but the address is the address put down in the Rocket Dollar application. Do not use Colorado to "override" your home state.
  7. Then input your full name and applicable email address

  8. Once complete, your request will be submitted into their system

  9. Gemini will send you the institutional account application. Fill it out and follow the instructions. Help on the application is provided below, however, any questions on Gemini account fulfillment should be directed to Gemini, not Rocket Dollar.


Fill out the Gemini Institutional Account Application

  1. A follow-up email will arrive from the Gemini Support team, ( providing their full PDF account application. Here is a link to download the application as of November 22nd, 2021. Please let us know at if the form changes.

  2. Company information 

    • 1. Company Information: use the LLC name or the Solo 401(k) plan name. Use your primary residence address for the registered company address. Use the Colorado LLC EIN or the given EIN of your Solo 401(k) plan. You can find your EIN Letter out of your Rocket Dollar Customer Dashboard

      • NO this company does not issue bearer shares

      • 1(a) Registered Company Address: Use your home address or the address you gave at signup.
        • Jurisdiction(s) of Incorporation. If Gemini does NOT do business in your state, you will not be able to open an account or use a Colorado LLC to get out of it. An LLC from another state will not help. Note, this is not up to Rocket Dollar to decide. Add the EIN for the LLC or the Solo 401(k) plan. Add the date of incorporation from the LLC Articles of Incorporation or the day you signed the Solo 401(k) plan adoption agreement for the Solo 401(k). Ignore the CRD, MPID, NFA ID, and LEI. 
      • 1(c) SKIP as non - operating company
      • 1(d) Trading & investing for my IRA LLC/Solo 401(k)
          • "Will the company be linking a bank..." If you are using a Solera Bank account, Check NO. Solera Bank is headquartered in Colorado as is your LLC. 
          • Fill out your expected trading activity expectations accurately
    • 2 Beneficial Owners and Control Persons 
        • 2(a) You are the beneficial owner of an IRA LLC. Please complete the Individual section (yes, even with an LLC) with your personal information. You are ultimately the beneficial owner of your IRA LLC or Solo 401(k) plan. Enter 100% for % Indirect Beneficial Ownership. 
        • 2(b) Control Person - fill out the same information, with your same personal information
        • 2(c) Pooled investment vehicles - skip
    • 3 Authorized users - Fill out with your personal information. This will be who is able to log in to your actual Gemini account and trade.
    • Final Signature - Be sure to put your title as "Manager" for an IRA LLC or "Trustee" for a Solo 401(k).

Submit the application to the file drop, in addition to the documents below:

  1. Completed account application. Refer to the instructions above.

  2. Formation document for the entity. This is your LLC Articles of Incorporation or your Solo 401(k) Plan Adoption Agreement, available from your Rocket Dollar Dashboard.

  3. Proof of beneficial ownership. You can submit the LLC Operating Agreement.

  4. Copies of photo IDs for all individual beneficial owners and authorized users.

  5. Signed and dated Form W9. Form W-9 with our instructions. Follow instructions and complete with the EIN of the custodian.  

  6. The source of wealth should be as specific as possible for your situation, such as the name of an employer, employment verification letter, paystub, recent W-2, Linkedin Profile, etc. Describe how you make money outside your retirement accounts, and then you can mention this is coming from a retirement account. Gemini and many crypto exchanges need to know this information for Know Your Customer regulations. Create a PDF.

  7. Complete all documents above and submit them to the secure file drop.

Can Gemini Prioritize my Application as I'm a Rocket Dollar customer?

When you finish your account application, please tell us here, so we can contact Gemini and they are aware they need to prioritize your application.

How do I get funds to Gemini?

Rocket Dollar does not have any move money control over your IRA LLC's or Solo 401(k)s checking account. After you authorize a rollover, our team helps our custodian pull from your old IRA and drop them into your partner bank account. Once your Gemini account is open, you will initiate a wire transfer from your Solera account to add funds to the Gemini account.

Make sure you have continue to work with the Rocket Dollar support team to get your account funded, so you can move money from Solera to Gemini once your Gemini account is complete. 


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