How do I complete my application for my Self-Directed IRA at Cboe Digital?

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Cboe Digital can accept IRA LLC & Solo 401k apps and complete them in 5 business days or less. All applications should start by emailing with your personal legal name and entity (IRA LLC or Solo 401(k)) name.



How do I get started applying to Cboe Digital?

Email digital.onboarding@cboe.comwith your name and IRA LLC name. You will get a DocuSign document to complete from the Cboe Digital onboarding team. Do not sign up online unprompted before emailing the Cboe Digital team.



Cboe Digital Application:

Rocket Dollar:


How Long does the process take?

In general and after all documents have been provided, cryptocurrency applications can be approved within five business days during Cboe Digital's normal business hours, Monday through Friday, 7 am to 7 pm US Central Time.


What Cryptocurrencies does Cboe Digital support?

Cboe Digital has spot trading for Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, USDC, and Litecoin (LTC).


How long does it take to open an entity account at Cboe Digital?

Cboe Digital expects to be able to process and open institutional accounts within five business days.


Can I apply with my Solo 401(k) to Cboe Digital?

Cboe Digital has recently added support for Solo 401(k) retirement trusts. Email for details along with the name of your Solo 401(k) plan name/retirement trust along with your full legal name to get started.


What states and jurisdictions does Cboe Digital support?

Cboe Digital supports almost every state and has pending applications with the following states and territories: Virginia,  Nevada, & The US Virgin Islands.

Remember, when you apply to Rocket Dollar, your Rocket Dollar-created Colorado LLC or Solo 401(k) will have the address that was used at signup. You cannot use a Colorado LLC to get around this requirement if your address is listed in a non-supported state.


What are the fees for IRA customers?

________________Account Application__________________________

Account Owner Information

  • Complete with your own name. 


IRA LLC Information

  1. Give your personal information. It is important for Know Your Customer Regulations in crypto and finance
  2. Legal Name of your IRA: This is how entities see the entire IRA. "Solera Bank FBO John Doe TRAD/ROTH IRA" When you enter this, fill in your name and the type of IRA you have.
  3. Give the name of your IRA LLC. For John Doe, it defaults to JDOE RD LLC unless you chose a Gold account and asked for a custom-named LLC. 
  4.  Your mailing address for your IRA LLC is the one you provided Rocket Dollar at signup
  5. Organized under the laws of Colorado (if Cboe Digital does not let you fill out this box, their onboarding team is aware all IRA LLCs at Rocket Dollar are organized in Colorado)
  6. Check IRA Limited Liability Company
  7. Check your documents from your Rocket Dollar dashboard. You should have articles of incorporation and an EIN number to put in the US tax identification number. If you do not, you can contact our support team. HOWEVER. If your account has not been made aware you can now FUND/TRANSFER ASSETS, your LLC might not be created yet. Please do not contact our support team for missing documents unless you have started to work with our team on funding your Rocket Dollar account.
  8. Legal Entity Identified - leave blank
  9. Put in contacts approved for your account and IRA LLC. Cboe Digital needs one contact to be the named beneficial owner/retirement investor named on the Rocket Dollar account. Additional contacts are optional.


1-8: Answer all questions 1-8 appropriately. 
9: Answer question 9 with your custodian SOLERA Bank

Solera National Bank, Custodian for Firstname Lastname, Trad IRA (or Roth IRA)
Lakewood, CO 80226. 
The Incorporation of the custodian is in Colorado. 
The EIN is # 84-4416888. 303-209-8600

10: contact with any questions here. At this time, the ONLY way to fund a new IRA investment is with fiat, US dollars. Cryptocurrency is deemed as Property by the IRS and must be bought or sold to take a distribution or make a contribution to an IRA. The IRA can then purchase cryptocurrency and hold it if is clearly owned by the IRA LLC.

If you have questions about the W-9, contact and see here


Member Master Agreement

  1. Member Name is your IRA LLC name. 
  2. Member Addresses can either be your IRA LLC’s registered address or your mailing address.
  3. Fill in the blanks with...
  • Your LLC name, JDoe RD LLC (is the default for someone named John Doe, unless you requested a custom LLC name with a Gold account)
  • Entity Type: Limited Liability Company
  • Organized Under Colorado

Section 17.1

Provide your personal email you would want to receive notices for your IRA LLC from Cboe Digital.

Counterparts Signature

On behalf of the LLC: Name, Signature, Title: MANAGER, Date

On behalf of the IRA: Name, Signature, Title: FBO Trad/Roth IRA, Date

Termination Agreement Signature

On behalf of the LLC: Name, Signature, Title: MANAGER, Date


Authorized Signatory

Sign twice here, once for IRA LLC Manager and once as the Beneficial owner of the account. You, as the investor, hold both positions. 

On behalf of the LLC: Name, Signature, Title: MANAGER, Date

On behalf of the IRA: Name, Signature, Title: FBO Trad/Roth IRA, Date


Additional Documents should be emailed to

You can find 1, 2, & 3 in your Rocket Dollar dashboard. Login to, and click on your documents portal. If you have already started working with the Rocket Dollar team on a retirement transfer, you should see your IRA LLC documents in your Dashboard. If you don't see them, you can contact the Rocket Dollar support team from your Dashboard by clicking on the Help link. If you have not started working with Rocket Dollar on a rollover, transfer, or contribution, your IRA LLC is not yet complete.

  1. IRA LLC Articles of Organization
  2. LLC Operating Agreement
  3. EIN Letter
  4. Valid US Government ID or Drivers License
  5. A W-9 form and you can review W9 instructions here. You will put the EIN of the custodian of your IRA LLC. 



______________________Bank Information_____________________

Rocket Dollar does not have control over IRA LLC funds. Once an account transfer has been completed a retirement transfer or contribution to fund your checkbook bank account for your IRA LLC. 

Once your Cboe Digital account is open, you will need to initiate a wire transfer in order to send funds to Cboe Digital. Wire information can be found below. 

Routing/ABA # 


Account # 


Recipient Name 

Eris Clearing Customer Non-Segregated Account

Recipient Address 

111 S Wacker Dr, Suite 4730, Chicago IL 60606 USA

Recipient Bank 

BMO Harris Bank N.A.

Bank Address 

115 S LaSalle Street, Chicago IL 60603 USA

Reference Code* 

##-###### & Customer Name (Specific Firm-Account Code is used to distinguish accounts. This will be determined during the account opening process)


Make sure you have continued to work with the Rocket Dollar support team to get your account funded, so you can move money from Solera to Cboe Digital once your Cboe Digital account is complete. It is ok to apply to Cboe Digital before finishing account funding with Rocket Dollar, but money MUST go through Rocket Dollar's partner bank Solera in order to move IRA funds to Cboe Digital.


When you get to the Solera Portal, you might notice some different language. 

Beneficiary Institution Name Eris Clearing Customer Non-Segregated Account


Beneficiary Institution Address: 111 S Wacker Dr, Suite 4730, Chicago IL 60606 USA


Beneficiary Institution Account Number: 2462174


Routing Number: 071000288


Intermediary Institution: BMO Harris Bank N.A.


Beneficiary Address 115 S LaSalle Street, Chicago IL 60603 USA


Country: United States


Specific Instructions

##-###### & Customer Name (Specific Firm-Account Code is used to distinguish accounts. This will be determined during the account opening process)




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