How do I sign up with my Checkbook IRA at OneGold?

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Use the standard signup, but select IRA during the signup options.

  1. Sign up at
  2. Use your true personal name for know your customer purposes.
  3. Select IRA account, to make the OneGold team aware you have an IRA account.
  4. Email with the name of your IRA Trust or LLC. You can log in and check your dashboard at, and go to profile>documents>user documents if you need to review the name of your Checkbook IRA entity
  5. For titling documents, remember that your IRA account trust defaults to JSMITH RD TR, and if you have an older Colorado LLC, it defaults to JSMITH RD LLC (John Smith's LLC would be his first initial, his last name, and then RD LLC). Gold clients are more likely to have a custom name you might have picked for your LLC or Trust.

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