Why can't I directly invest in an ATM-driven business or a physical ATM with my Rocket Dollar account?

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We have to follow compliance restrictions of our partner bank when dealing with direct investment into ATMs (Automatic Teller Machines)


Why is it not allowed?

Because of the high level of compliance needed to follow money laundering regulations, our partner bank cannot help you custody an investment that directly owns or partakes in the profits of an ATM or ATM-driven business.


I bought an investment asset through an ATM... would that be allowed in my Rocket Dollar account?

Yes. You can use your Rocket Dollar debit card acquired from our partner bank to buy a non-atm asset to keep in your retirement account. 


I have an investment offer from a company that would allow my IRA to partake in profits from 3 ATMs placed around my local community. Can I make that investment?

No. Currently, we cannot allow this type of investment in a Rocket Dollar account. We are sorry for the inconvenience. 


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