Who works well with Rocket Dollar...and how do I get on the Partners page?

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Please schedule a conversation with us to do a discovery call.

Prospective partners should schedule a call with us.

You can also email info@rocketdollar.com.

Before a partnership call, what should I keep in mind?

Because Rocket Dollar does not offer direct investments on its platform, we're always open to partnerships that provide an excellent investment experience. These partners are often.

  1. Capital raising firms, either indirect or pooled investment structures. Almost any asset class is permissible in a retirement account, with the proper entity structure and investment options.
  2. Firms that offer access to asset classes are underrepresented in the public markets.
  3. Targeting the same core demographic as Rocket Dollar: Typically, working professionals with an area of industry expertise and context for private investing. 35-48 years old, and can accept a check size from $10,000-$250,000 in assets achievable in a retirement account. Rocket Dollar customers are not required to be accredited, but many of our userbases are.
  4. We want to collaborate on a frictionless experience for our mutual customers and investor journey through a landing page or some tech enablement through the Rocket Dollar API. 
  5. We are utilizing digital marketing and media solutions. Though we love the value of an in-person meeting, our goal is to address the market through scalable efforts. Rocket Dollar is confident it can serve any customer base through phone, email, and screen share.
  6. We provide exposure to alternative asset classes, such as real-estate, digital assets, private equity, direct debit portfolios, etc.

Detailed Partner Workflow


What does Rocket Dollar not do?

Rocket Dollar is not a mutual fund platform or brokerage. We can not push a traditional stock/bond mutual fund to our customers through the typical platform/wholesaling relationship. If your fund is a private investment that our joint customers would be interested in, please contact us.

Rocket Dollar does not recommend investments and is not an advisor. We are happy to collaborate on educational materials with the right partners, but we can not recommend certain investments or funds.

All Partner logo requests, along with a bio should be uploaded to our Google Form

Submissions that do not make the effort of a discovery call with sales, partnerships, or marketing, will not be considered.

For logo images, Vector files are preferred (SVG, ESP, AI) but high-resolution PNGs, a more common file type are accepted.

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