Can I invest in managed and alternative international investments?

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As long as you remain compliant with US laws, Rocket Dollar accounts allow you to invest in foreign and overseas assets.

It is strongly recommended to sign up for a Direct Custody IRA when executing international investments, especially when a SWIFT bank transaction is needed. To learn more about international wire fees, please click here.

Traditional custodians often limit international investments.

International investments outside the United States are typically limited to curated funds and cover a broad spectrum of asset classes. Gaining direct access to private investments can be extremely difficult with a traditional custodian. It can be frustrating to target investment at a specific geographical area, asset class, or investment vehicle.


How does a Rocket Dollar Account help me invest internationally?

Through a Rocket Dollar account, you can execute an international investment or own international real estate. Because of Rocket Dollar's unique structure, providing you with checkbook control, you are not limited to traditional holding methods. Your IRA Trust, LLC or solo 401(k) trust allows for more efficient movement of funds, document completion, and asset maintenance.


What should I keep in mind?

To execute an international investment, you must be aware of the logistical considerations of a different language and business culture. You should be able to fully understand the investment documentation, unique local challenges, and risks.

Your investment is tax-advantaged from US taxes as long as you correctly follow US tax law but could be subject to local and state taxes of the nation in which it resides.


Can I hold international real estate?

Yes, but remember that you are holding an investment, not a vacation home, as you will not be able to stay in it. Be sure to keep your investment at arm’s length and employ proper management when you are away to avoid a self-dealing prohibited transaction. A best practice is hiring a property manager capable of monitoring and maintaining the property without your involvement.

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