Will Rocket Dollar put my blog link in their article, blog, knowledge base, or content, or let me write a guest blog?

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Please explore our affiliate program or engage us in a general partnership discussion first. Guest bloggers must submit writing samples to be considered.


Will Rocket Dollar post other companies' blog links?

No. We do not post or link to blogs from other websites. We only link out to our established partners and will not consider cold email offers to post, share links, post other blogs.

All content with our partners must be related to Self-Directed Investing, alternative investing, or retirement accounts.

Our knowledge base you are currently in is also educational in nature, and paid promotions are not allowed to avoid distracting from the educational content. 


If you want to engage Rocket Dollar as a partner, you can approach us in a few ways. 

Affiliate Program

Rocket Dollar has an affiliate program hosted by Commission Junction for those who want to cooperate with co-promoting Rocket Dollar content. This program works great with financial influencers, personal finance content websites, alternative investment blogs, and sponsorship investment communities. We use the Commission Junction technical integration and are happy to consider hosting content beneficial to the Rocket Dollar audience. 


Fundraising/Investment partners

These are investment issuers who are currently fundraising, which means we could have mutual customers. Self-Directed IRAs can use retirement funds to place money in a wide variety of Self-Directed Investments. We can cooperate on content education, mutual customers, discounts, and making sure Rocket Dollar accounts can work with investment issuers. This platform may or may not have a significant online experience but is able to accept investments from Self-Directed IRAs, IRA LLCs, or Solo 401(k)s (which are often registered as trusts). 

You can see investment issuers/partners at www.rocketdollar.com/partners for examples. We are open to all kinds of alternative investments. Since Rocket Dollar does not provide investments, we always want our customers to have many different areas to self-educate and self-select investments.


Writing content/Guest Blogging

We frequently feature content from our partners. Many are related to the other areas you see here. You can review rocketdollar.com/partners for partners we have co-hosted content with.

In certain considerations, we will consider directly hosting content of a blog writing of a content writer, but the partnership must be mutually beneficial and productive to engage for both parties and in the interest of both Rocket Dollar customers and content readers. 

Please send writing samples along with your reach out. Without writing samples or examples of work, your post will not be considered. When Rocket Dollar approves a guest blog, it's typically related to something in alternative investments or how to manage alternative investments in the vein of retirement accounts. 


Mutual/Adjacent customer programs

These providers might have a service that directly helps self-directed IRAs or one of the alternative investment areas that are popular with our customers. Real estate, private equity, hedge funds, venture capital, cryptocurrency, notes, farmland, precious metals, energy investments (oil and gas or green). We also have a significant amount of self-employed customers with our Solo 401(k).

Some of our partners don't sell a single investment. They might have education, data, or an adjacent service that directly benefits our mutual customer or the investments they choose to make. Rocket Dollar is happy to consider these partnerships and possible co-marketing.


Financial Advisors/CPAs/Family Offices

Rocket Dollar loves to work with any financial advisor that is also open to helping their client with alternative investments. We will work to make sure to white glove all of your clients. Please contact our partnerships team if you are interested in working together, and customers can select a Gold account if they desire the highest level of service. 


How do I schedule a meeting with someone at Rocket Dollar to discuss a partnership?

You can schedule a meeting here. 


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