I'm a partner. Can I email Rocket Dollar's Support about our mutual client?

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We cannot share confidential information about a customer without their consent. If you wish to be included, please ask our mutual customers to CC you on support emails. Do not blindly email our support team for account updates.


Why can't we communicate about our mutual client?

As a third-party administrator of retirement accounts, Rocket Dollar deals with a significant amount of sensitive information. This can include personal information as well as financial information inside or outside of Rocket Dollar. 

As the amount of customers and partners grows that open accounts and utilizes our support team, every Rocket Dollar team member cannot keep up with which partners have a close relationship with their investors and their personal information. Companies with suspicious activity can and will try to contact Rocket Dollar and phish for sensitive personal or financial information. 

To protect our customers, we cannot make special arrangements or exceptions to this policy.

With IRA LLC/Checkbook control accounts, the investment issuer usually does not need to be involved in any way during the account creation process. You simply need to create paperwork in the name of the IRA LLC and send wire information to the client.


What if I still need to be involved?

If it is essential that you be involved, have our mutual client email support@rocketdollar.com and authorize that you can ask questions about their account. You may stay on emails or phone calls with the client.

To coordinate efforts, you may use our call scheduler, but only if the client and the interested party are all on the same phone line with authorization. Our support team will call the number provided and you and the client must be conferenced in. If the client is not present, the call will not be completed.


I have an investment deadline I'm trying to make. Can I contact support or my Rocket Dollar partnerships rep?

No. You must go back to your mutual client. A client's transfer status, funding status, and where the money is currently held are confidential information. 

Rocket Dollar is continuing to roll out features that will make it easier for a client to get updates on the status of their money, as that is always one of the most delicate parts of the account opening process and to make investments. 


This is essential information to complete my deal though...

As Rocket Dollar has grown, we do get a constant flow of requests from partners and investment issuers about the status of their account opening and investments. If we stopped working on the fulfillment of accounts to answer them all, this would significantly slow down our team, and delay the time that it took to open an account. 

In our future road map, we are discussing features that would allow partners who sign an agreement and get approval from customers to view the basic statuses of clients and referrals you are working with. If you have enough volume and interest in a feature like this, please contact info@rocketdollar.com or 1-855-762-5338.

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