How do I fill out IRS Form W-9 for my IRA LLC?

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Fill out the W-9 according to the steps outlined below. Many investment issuers and sponsors will ask you for a completed W-9.

A W-9 is not needed to complete an IRA investment, but many compliances and legal departments of investment issuers require it to be completed as part of their compliance process and not to lack documents that are required for all their other taxable investors.

This article is to assist Rocket Dollar customers that have their IRA custodied at Solera Bank or IRAR Resources Trust.*

If you are custodied at AET, please contact the support team and AET will generate a W9 signed by the custodian.

Why would I fill out a W-9?

Your investment issuer or sponsor may ask for a W-9 form so they can handle tax reporting appropriately. 

Filling out the W-9

  1. For Line 1, use the following formula: Name of Custodian, FBO First Name Last Name IRA. For example, if you have a Rocket Dollar Self-Directed Traditional IRA LLC, your Line 1 will say: "Solera National Bank, Custodian FBO John Doe Traditional IRA." Be sure to use the right custodian.
    1. Rocket Dollar's custodians are Solera National Bank or IRAR Trust Company.
  2. For Line 2, enter your LLC name.
  3. For Line 3, check the box for a sole proprietorship or single-member LLC.
  4. For Line 4, enter "1" as the exempt payee code. This is important because this is how you indicate to your investment issuer/sponsor that your account is tax-exempt.
  5. For Lines 5 and 6, enter the address for the LLC (e.g., 1111 Anywhere Avenue). For most customers, this address is the address you used when you signed up for Rocket Dollar.
  6. For Part 1 Taxpayer Identification Number, enter the EIN of yourIRA LLC in the box.
  7. For Part 2, sign your name and you can include "Manager" as your title on the signature line if there is room.

Download and print a blank W-9 from the IRS here. See an example below.


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