How do I fund or transfer retirement dollars to my Solo 401(k)?

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You can transfer old traditional IRAs, and any old 401(k) money (traditional OR Roth). You cannot transfer Roth IRAs into a solo 401(k). Contributions must come from self-employment income in the business the plan was opened for.


How do I initiate a transfer or Rollover to fund my Solo 401(k)?

You will email our support team to get a transfer process started. Login to your dashboard to find our support email. You can include an attached statement of the account you wish to roll over, whether that is a Traditional IRA, or an old traditional or Roth 401(k). 

Remember that you cannot transfer in a ROTH IRA


What about if I have an old Solo 401(k) I want to roll into Rocket Dollar?

Please inform support right after purchasing a solo 401(k) into Rocket Dollar. You can see your support options in your client dashboard after purchasing. There are some additional steps to take over a Solo 401(k) that is already operational. 


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