How can I fund & transfer assets into my SDIRA account?

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Your Rocket Dollar Self-Directed IRA account can be funded via current taxable income and rollover from old IRA plans or retirement accounts. You must be a paid customer to start the process.

Funding your Self-Directed IRA account can be accomplished in 3 different ways:

  1. Contribute to the Self-Directed IRA from your current taxable income,
  2. Roll over your old employer 401(k) plan; or
  3. Transfer an old IRA. 

How do I initiate a transfer into my Rocket Dollar IRA?

In order to initiate an IRA transfer,  First, you will have to have created your account and purchased it on you can use the IRA Transfer tool on the left side of your dashboard. You can upload your statement and select where the IRA is going. Make sure it is a current statement, and download one from the last month or quarter-end.

If possible, our dashboard will automatically prepare transfer documents for you to sign right then and there. We will then send those documents off for a transfer.

Some older providers could require "wet" or even medallion signatures

If you have any issue executing your transfer, please email Rocket Dollar support with the most recent statement of your account you wish to transfer.

See our IRA account


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