Can I manage investments in multiple asset classes with a Self-Directed IRA or Self-Directed Solo 401(k)?

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Yes. You can go into as many investments as you want with NO new investment fees.

How does investing in multiple assets work?

Rocket Dollar Checkbook IRA accounts get a Trust, which acts as an "umbrella". This means that as your IRA goes out and targets different assets, the Trust becomes a 100% or partial owner of that asset. This structure gives you checkbook control and means you don't have to rely on a compliance department to approve each asset.

Once your bank accounts are funded and ready to go, you can sign up for investments in the name of your Trust, and then transfer investments through ACH, wire, and even debit cards.

Are there new investment fees for each asset?

No. The The Checkbook IRA model means that your Trust is doing the purchase and the deal review (and you as the trustee), so there are no fees per investment.

Traditionally, the industry has been keen to brand as "Real Estate IRAs" and "Gold IRAs," sometimes selling an entirely new account to a customer or charging new investment fees along with lengthy deal reviews.

At Rocket Dollar, we want you to be able to target any asset allowed by the IRS without any asset fees. The fees are the same, $360 to sign up and $20 per month, regardless if you have 1 asset or 100 assets.

How will I build and track my portfolio?

Feel free to visit our Partners page if you are looking for ideas or other asset classes to target.

If you have stocks, bonds, real estate, gold, crypto, and a few startup investments, you can track everything in our investment tracker. Update all of your asset values, especially at the end of the year, so you can work with Rocket Dollar and our partners to report on our FMV.

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