Do I have to be an accredited investor?

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No! You don't have to be an accredited investor to use a Rocket Dollar self-directed account. There are several alternative asset classes available to non-accredited investors.


You do NOT need to be an accredited investor to utilize a self-directed retirement account.

There are several asset classes you can invest in without being an accredited investor such as rental real estate, cryptocurrency, and crowdfunding under RegCF. Check with the investment issuer or sponsor to see if they will be able to accept your investment.


What are the accredited investor rules currently?

Please review the SEC website. 


I'm accredited, is my IRA accredited?

Yes. If you personally qualify for an accredited investment, your IRA can keep the same accreditation standards. Your IRA does not allow you to dodge accreditation requirements from an investment issuer either. 

Keep in mind investment issuers set accreditation standards. Because of regulatory needs, some investment issuers might have very thorough accreditation checks.


With a direct custody IRA, after sub documentation is completed, the custodian will send funds to escrow.

What about my IRA LLC? Does that change accreditation standards?

When you fill out your paperwork, the entity will own the shares of the fund or investment. 

When checking for accreditation, be insistent that you are looking for individual accreditation. Entity standards of accreditation are much higher, and unnecessary. The LLC in an IRA is a pass-through a disregarded entity, and its sole purpose is to get IRA funds to a variety of investments. If you need any assistance explaining this, please email along with your deal issuer or investor relations CC'd so we can explain the IRA LLC. 

What about Qualified Purchasers?

Qualified purchasers are individuals or family businesses that hold $5 million worth of investable assets and are able to purchase a Rocket Dollar account. 

Regardless if you are a qualified purchaser, accredited investor, or novice investor, Rocket Dollar gives you the ability to do more with your retirement accounts. 

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