What is Rocket Dollar's Complaint Policy and Handling Process?

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Complaint Handling Policy

Rocket Dollar, Inc. is committed to providing our valued customers with exceptional customer service. There may, however, be situations that arise from time to time where you may feel you’ve been dealt with unfairly.

Whatever the nature of your concern, we’ll treat it professionally, openly, and courteously. As a valued customer, this is what you expect, and deserve.

If you have a complaint about a Rocket Dollar product or service, our Complaint Handling Policy will ensure your complaint is addressed quickly and fairly.

Complaint Process

Step 1. Your concern can first be discussed with our Support team at support@rocketdollar.com. Open dialogue resolves most issues. Our experience shows that most concerns are dealt with at this level.

Step 2. If the Support team’s professionals are unable to assist you, ask to whom you
can escalate your complaint. Dependent on the concern, you will be referred to a manager or executive of Rocket Dollar.

Step 3. If the above escalation of your complaint does not resolve your concerns, you are welcome to contact our Customer Advocate via email at customercare@rocketdollar.com. Please submit your complaint via email with any supporting documentation that might help us make a determination in your case. The Customer Advocate will respond as soon as is reasonably possible by acknowledging receipt of the complaint, requesting any necessary documentation, and advising you once an investigation is underway.

The Customer Advocate will thoroughly and objectively investigate your complaint. Rocket Dollar commits to respond to all formal complaints within 30 days of receipt by the Customer Advocate unless additional documentation is required. If additional documentation is required, Rocket Dollar will respond within 30 days of receiving all required documentation.

A response with Rocket Dollar’s final position will be provided to you via email.

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