How do I ask for support at Rocket Dollar?

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Rocket Dollar customers can check the top right of their dashboard for help options.

How can I contact email support?

Paid Customers can also find the support email by logging in to their dashboard at You will find the support email in the bottom left-hand corner. 

Non-customers or those interested in Rocket Dollar can email for assistance, questions opening an account, troubleshooting, or pre-buying support-related issues. 

How can I contact phone support?

Silver customers: You can schedule a call from a link in the top right-hand corner of your dashboard by logging in here. On the left-hand side, click on Profile, Help Center, and "Schedule a Call with Rocket Dollar".

Gold Customers: You can call the Gold Support line any time; the number is in the top right corner of your dashboard. You can log in to your dash here. On the left-hand side, click on Profile, Help Center, and "Call Rocket Dollar."

I'm a Silver customer. Can I call the sales team about my account? 

Please direct your requests to the support email or call scheduler. 

I'm not a customer. Can I contact support?

Our support lines are for current customers only and cannot assist you. We hope you can become a customer someday! We are constantly expanding our knowledge base, can answer general questions from, and our sales team is always ready to help you see if a Rocket Dollar is right for you or talk about questions you might have.

We promise we will respect your time and not bother you with excessive callbacks if you are not interested.  

You can dial our sales team at 1-855-762-5383 

I just had some general process questions about opening my account.

If you had any general questions about opening your account, you can see a step-by-step process for an IRA or a step-by-step process for a Solo 401(k) or our FAQs.

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