What is Rocket Dollar Gold?

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Rocket Dollar Gold is the premium retirement account offering from Rocket Dollar.

Perfect for the discerning investor, a Gold account is the perfect combination of investment flexibility, with the highest level of support for a self-directed retirement account of any type.


What is the pricing for Rocket Dollar Gold?

$600 signup, and then $30 month. Gold can be applied to all retirement products offered by Rocket Dollar. 

Is there a minimum commitment?

Please refer to our upgrading/downgrading policy article to learn more

What do I get with Rocket Dollar Gold?

  • Dedicated Phone support 
  • Expedited onboarding
  • Expedited service on all transfers/investments
  • Custom LLC or plan name
  • Rocket Dollar debit card
  • Rocket Dollar checkbook (one box free, $50 replacement via a button on the dashboard)
  • 4 outbound wire fee covered per year (minimum $2500 transfer, under $2500 can be done via ACH, check, or debit card) 
  • 1099 R & 5500 Form completion
  • ROTH Conversion assistance

Is Rocket Dollar Gold right for me?

Rocket Dollar is for the investor who wants complete control of their retirement savings to invest in anything they want while getting the highest level of service offered with a Self-Directed Retirement Account. 

Gold is also perfect for the investor who will be making several investments per year and would like dedicated phone support as well as the ability to make free wire transfers from their Rocket Dollar account. 

For those who have an investment deadline looming, Rocket Dollar Gold will also come standard with expedited account funding every time you want to transfer, rollover, or contribute funds to your account.


What if I bought before Gold was a product?

We call these customers Gold Legacy customers, and as an appreciation for our earlier customers, give them some Gold services at no change in cost. Keep in mind if you are requesting a change of your entire account structure, you could have to move to our new pricing model.

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