I want to upgrade/downgrade my subscription from Rocket Dollar Silver to Rocket Dollar Gold

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You can contact our support team at any time to upgrade to Rocket Dollar Gold. 


How do I upgrade?

If you want to upgrade to Gold, contact our support team over email to confirm in writing you wish to upgrade and we can charge your card for the fee. You can contact support by logging into your dashboard.  

If you upgrade during account fulfillment

  • You will get expedited fulfillment for the rest of your onboarding if not yet complete.
  • You will be charged the difference between a Silver one-time fee and a Gold one-time fee. Your monthly subscription will change to $30.

If you upgrade after fulfillment is complete

  • Your monthly subscription will simply go from $15 to $30.
  • Our support team must approve that you are completely done with fulfillment to extra waive the opening fee. Fulfillment includes all onboarding tasks such as opening the account, funding the account through a contribution or transfer, questions about opening the account, and entering and titling of your first investment(s) you intend to use the account for. Most of these duties and questions fall in the first month of account opening but could extend longer if our support team needs to handle additional duties, questions, or work during account fulfillment or onboarding. 

Can I downgrade from Gold to Silver?

Starting December 31, 2021, Rocket Dollar will be terminating the downgrade policy. All customers are welcome to upgrade to the Gold Plan, but will NOT be able to downgrade even after a full-year commitment.

If for some reason you are unsatisfied with your service, let us know at connecting support to address your account needs. You can contact support by logging into your dashboard.

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