I bought Rocket Dollar before Gold was a product... What happens?

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As an appreciation for our earliest customers, you will be grandfathered to some Gold features at no change in cost. You will still pay your $15 monthly compliance fee and that will not change unless you want to upgrade to all Gold Features.


Your pricing and support will not change

It is important for our customers to continue paying the cost they expected to when they signed up. Your pricing will stay at $15 a month unless you wish to upgrade to Gold at $30 a month and take advantage of all Gold features. You do not have to pay a new account opening fee.

Any tax reporting support for your IRA or Solo 401(k) will not change. 

For IRAs, we will continue to help you report your Fair Market Value (FMV) on form 5498 to the IRS along with our partner bank as long as you correctly fill out your investment tracker. We do this for new "Silver" IRA customers as well as this is always required for every IRA in the United States. 

For Solo 401(k)s, for our legacy customers, we will continue to help you complete your form 5500s. Any new customers who purchase a silver account will have to complete their own form 5500s by themselves or with a trusted CPA.

Phone Support has changed. How do I ask for support?

All Gold customers, (including you) will contact our support from a new support number. Your support experience will not change. Our earliest customers might recognize it from our original old support number. To ask for support, log in to the Rocket Dollar, and in the top right, click "get support" and dial the 1-800 number. 

We are giving you a Gold feature at no change in cost.

Expedited Transfers. Transfers are often one of the slowest and most frustrating parts of the financial process. Through technology, and our service team working with other providers, we will be working closely with you to speed up the amount of time between your money leaving your retirement provider to landing in your Rocket Dollar Account. 

What are the other Gold features that I can access if I upgrade?

  • Expedited onboarding for all new accounts
  • Expedited service on all transfers/investments
  • Custom LLC or plan name
  • Rocket Dollar debit card
  • Rocket Dollar checkbook (one box free, $50 replacement via a button on the dashboard)
  • 4 outbound wire fee covered per year (minimum $2500 transfer, Under $2500 can be done via ACH, check, or debit card) 
  • Mega ROTH and ROTH IRA Conversion assistance

Why is this change happening?

We want to continue to offer products that suit our customers. We want to continue to bring Self-Directed Retirement Accounts to as many customers as possible at our $360 sign-up, and $15 a month, a price point that will always remain important to offer with Rocket Dollar silver.

Rocket Dollar Gold is for our customers who wish to have a premium experience, with expedited service, dedicated support, and as many of our features as possible. These customers are often doing quite a few alternative deals per year or requesting the highest level of service to manage their accounts. It is $600 to sign up and then $30 a month. Again, if you wish to upgrade, your account will be charged $30 a month and you will not have a new opening fee. 

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