What happens if I cancel my Rocket Dollar Account and stop paying the monthly fee?

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You can rollover your IRA or Solo 401(k) to another provider in cash. If you still have a self-directed/alternative asset in your retirement account, you will need to transfer it to a provider that can accept that asset.

Does Rocket Dollar charge an account closing fee?

No.  Rocket Dollar will not charge to close your account.

Rocket Dollar could have to charge for an in-kind outgoing transfer fee depending on the complexity involved. These are some of the most complex transactions and resource-intensive service requests.  There are never any charges for retirement cash transfers.

What if I have to change my registered agent to another provider?

Rocket Dollar needs to allow one more billing cycle to cover the change of registered agent fee.

What if I don't transfer my IRA account anywhere when it closes?

If you choose to not continue on with Rocket Dollar and we close your account without a transfer... You should be aware that:

  1. Any investments you made will no longer be held in an IRA, as the IRA will be closed with our custody partners.
  2. Your LLC in the state of Colorado will be closed
  3. We will communicate with our partner bank, and your accounts will close, as your IRA and IRA LLC will no longer exist.

What if I don't transfer my Solo 401(k) account anywhere when it closes?

  1. Rocket Dollar will no longer provide plan updates, which means your Solo 401(k) could fall out of compliance with the IRS
  2. You will have to handle all transfer support by yourself, to move assets in and out of the plan.
  3. You will lose all special fee arrangements for Rocket Dollar Customers at our partner bank and could be subject to additional fees.



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